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If you're going to treat yourself,

why not treat yourself right?


Hey it's me! The founder

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A note from Ruby


The Better Pop was inspired by my mom, who has issues with her digestive health. After numerous doctor appointments, she became tired of continually being told to take probiotic pills. She already takes a lot of pills, and didn’t want to take any more. I began to wonder if there was a more enjoyable way to consume probiotics. Knowing that kombucha is packed with them, I encouraged my mom to try it, but she was uncomfortable with the idea of drinking fermented tea. My mom loves popsicles because they are easy on her digestion, but all popsicles are essentially soda on a stick. I decided to create a healthier alternative by mixing kombucha and fruit into a probiotic frozen treat. She loved it. Not only was it tasty, but it also provided my mom with the probiotics she needed.

Our patented popsicle shape was inspired by the fact that my mom also has very sensitive teeth. I wanted to design a shape that would change her popsicle eating experience. The unique hexagonal shape allows you to bite and break off pieces with ease, changing the way people interact with our popsicles.

We help prevent food waste by using the whole fruit, instead of just the fruit juice, which adds extra fiber to our pops. We never add sugar, dyes, or artificial flavors. 


Our mission at The Better Pop is to make deliciously healthy and crave-worthy products that you'll love. By providing a better alternative to frozen desserts, we are helping people make better food choices everyday. We're changing what you eat and how you eat, for the better.


If you’re going to treat yourself,

why not treat yourself right?

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